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Sonntag, 5. März 2006, 03:53

ENGLISH: Rinoa-Selphie-Theory

Hereby I want to make a very new approach to this Forum: Let us share our thoughts with the world in an ENGLISH THREAD!
Obviously only English is to be spoken here – be it good or less good English.

Anyone, who wants to read this topic in German may be advised to

The Rinoa-Selphie-Theory
The original concept of FFVIII

Who Rinoa was meant to be

Very different from the Rinoa-Ultimecia-theory, this essay is not about interpreting the story of Final Fantasy VIII as it is. Rather it is an attempt to reconstruct the original script and thus find out, what the story could have been like. It is all centred around the speculation: "Were Rinoa and Selphie meant to be one person?�

Why this assertion?

All these statements on the possibly original concept refer to information on the game from the time before it was released on January, 11th 1999 in Japan (9/9/99 in USA and 10/27/99 in Europe).
The "Squaresoft Collector’s CD 1998", which was delivered along with the Cinematic-RPG "Parasite Eve", contains an early trailer of FFVIII, the so called "Escape from Dollet-Trailer". Hard to guess, it contains the escape-scene from Dollet. Yet, it is different from the one we used to play!
1.) The characters do not wear their SeeD-Uniforms, but their normal clothes.
2.) As X-ATM092 reaches the beach, the turret is not fired by Quistis, but by some other SeeD.
3.) Where we used to watch Selphie turn around for Squall, there is Rinoa waiting for him.
4.) Moreover further pre-released video sequences and screenshots show the trio of Squall, Xell and Rinoa in Dollet. The perspectives of these pictures are the same ones, as those in the released game, where Squall, Xell and Cifer are doing their SeeD-Test.

What consequences would these differences have brought along?

Basically it is about, whether Rinoa and Selphie would have ment to be one person. This means that Selphie would never have existed, only Rinoa. Her role in the game would then also have had some aspects of what has become Selphie.
Since Rinoa being the one to change Squall’s life is one essential aspect of the game, it can be taken for sure, that this has ever been her role in the game. Thus the dancing-scene was designed for her.

Now, the Dollet-Scene is where we want to start our speculation on the original concept.
The fact that the characters do not wear their uniform makes you want to assume, that this scene should not have been a SeeD-Test. It would have been a normal scene, a normal SeeD-deployment. Anyhow it is weird to send the students of the Garden to a combat of this scale just for a simple test. This doesn’t seem very likely for Cid and Edea as well, who represent a humanistic model of philosophy and education (Remember: Edea is not the one who was about to conquer the world! She was possessed by Ultimecia. Edea is the founder of the orphanage at the Cape of Goodhope).
Consequently the SeeD-Test in Dollet might be the result of a short-term modification of the script. But why change the concept? To find an answer it seems important to determine the main aspect of the SeeD-Test for the storyline: All characters important for the game pass the test, except Cifer Almasy. This embarrassment gives him reason to change sides and cooperate with Edea, or rather Ultimecia. Without this frustration he possibly wouldn’t have done this. Maybe the original script lacked of this explanation. Now, with the weight of the SeeD-Test in the beginning of the game, this aspect is emphasized quite decently.

So, if you regard the Dollet-Scene as a normal deployment of the SeeDs (where Squall and the others already are SeeDs), it would probably have had the intention to defend Dollet from the Galbadian attack. This SeeD-team obviously would include Squall, Xell and Rinoa. Since this is a SeeD-operation, it could be that Rinoa would have been a SeeD in the original concept as well. This role was given to the new created Selphie later.
She is a SeeD, who moves from another Garden, the Trabia Garden, to the Balamb Garden. Considering Selphie’s first appearance, this SeeD actually might have been Rinoa. It is like designed for her: Squall comes out of the classroom and Selphie/Rinoa just runs into him. Such clumsiness really looks like Rinoa. On top of that it is a perfect beginning for their relationship: Accidentally they run into each other and Squall can show her the Garden (in his typically passionate manner) or leave her behind wit a "......". Anyway, he is one of the first persons of this Garden she knows. This assumption is quite sensible regarding the following dancing-scene: Now Rinoa’s gesture and facial expression towards Squall makes more sense, because he is not a stranger anymore, but someone, who she happened to meet before. So she would invite him for the dance. Her later justification in the released game seems really flimsy compared to this: She was looking for Cid and only danced with Squall, since she could barely enter the dance floor alone. She was looking for Cid, or did she want to dance?

Thus, Rinoa would be the SeeD, who came from another Garden, met Squall as one the first persons in Balamb Garden, invited him for the dance und later had an operation along with him and Xell in Dollet.

The anonymous SeeD on the turret instead of Quistis won’t be discussed here any further, since it would be nothing but pure speculation. On this operation it was only the three of them. Quistis would have joined at a later operation. Furthermore one might ask, whether Quistis originally should have been an instructor, since she is not much older than Squall...

But why should there be a graduation ball, if there was no SeeD-Test? Well, there might have been one. Remember, before the Dollet-Test Squall had to pass the test in the Fire Cave. Without Dollet being part of the SeeD-Test, the Fire Cave alone is reason enough for it and thus for the graduation ball.

In the released Version Squall and his companions Xell, Irvine, Quistis and Selphie, but not Rinoa, all grew up in Edea’s orphanage. The question arises, whether Rinoa would take over Selphie’s part or would she as well have grown up in Deling City. One only might speculate. Two stands can be made:
On the one hand it would be possible that Rinoa had grown up in the orphanage along with the others. But this only seems quite sensible, if Rinoa as well takes over Ellione’s role. She would be the person, who Squall searches for all his life. Later in this essay this Rinoa-Ellione-Theory will be discussed. The problem herein lies that all the part of the story about Ellione’s telepathic skills of transferring Squall’s conscience into young Laguna would simply collapse. What would the Squall-Laguna-relationship be like then?
On the other hand Rinoa might have grown up in Deling City, as she did in the published version of the game. Here she is the daughter of Major Carway and Julia Heartilly. Caway, a militaristic man, might quite possibly have given her into a Garden, so that she would receive the militaristic education he would have planned for her. Especially after her mother’s fatal car accident she could have been placed into a Garden. Living in Galbadia it would probably have been the Galbadia Garden.
There she might have learned other values than might and discipline, like moral and humanity, so that the conflicts with her father grew. Yet those conflicts need not necessarily have been.
As student of the Galbadia Garden Rinoa should know Irvine. But maybe only from the looks and not personally. At this high number of students one need not necessarily know everybody personally. Moreover her relationship to Irvine in FFVIII was rather superficial. Did they have any serious conversation?

So, Rinoa would have grown up in Deling City, spent her childhood in the Galbadia Garden, had moved to the Balmb Garden at the age of 17, met Squall there and had been in the seem SeeD-team as he from then on.

What would have been left out in the original concept?

Obviously, Selphie. Besides there is no scene in the game, where Selphie really opens up her mind to he player. In comparison: Irvine is overwhelmed with doubt, as he is to sniper Edea, Quistis loves Squall, Xell is freaked out. Furthermore Selphie’s biography shows no convincing reason, why she was the only one to go to Trabia Garden after having spent her childhood in the orphanage along with the others. Thus Selphie truly could have been inserted into the game at an advanced state.
The Trabia Garden could have been alike: It is almost irrelevant for the story. Appearing on disc 2 it is just destroyed in the same scene, without reappearing in any way. Thus – with
Trabia Garden not existing – the missiles could just have been aimed at the Balamb Garden only.
The Leader of the Timber Owles would have been an unimportant NPC and the train-scene would just have been about meeting the Deling-clone.
Corresponding to the Rinoa-Ellione-theory, Ellione eventually would have been left out as well.

The cons

Well, surely it is no more than a speculation, once you look at how less information is given to build this theory upon. The Dollet-scene could possibly be at any other place in the story, where only Squall, Xell and Rinoa were involved. Selphie would then be around with Quistis ad Irvine and would naturally exist.

Other Opinions
First an aspect that only modifies this theory a little: With all the story written above Selphie still could exist. She could be the leader of the Timber Owls and enter the game some time after the graduation ball.

Another opinion, quite an theory itself, is he Rinoa-Ellione-theory, mentioned above.
Accordingly Ellione would not
exist, but her role would be part of Rinoa’s role. She might then have grown up in the orphanage along with the others and as well be the person Squall was looking for all his life.
The pros: In the released game Ellione is introduced in quite a strange way. In the first scene of the game (when Squall wakes up after the intro) she appears and says: " we meet again.�. Without Ellione’s existence, this might have been Rinoa’s introduction.
This is essential for the Rinoa-Ultimecia-theory as well: Rinoa is a sorceress, Ellione only an adept (woman, who can receive sorceress’ powers), which is unusual in FFVIII. Ellione had the powers of a sorceress, yet was non. If she was inserted into the game at an advanced state, one might have avoided to introduce another sorceress. If Rinoa is Ultimecia and Rinoa originally should have had Ellione’s skills, Ultimecia would have had no reason to look for Ellione in the present. So Ellione’s role was created, so that Ultimecia needs not to look for her own self (Rinoa) in the present, since she possesses her skills herself.
The relationship to Laguna would be quite another aspect. Possibly not Carway, but anyone else could have been Rinoa’s father. Yet this doesn’t change a lot of the story: After Julia’s death Laguna brought Rinoa to Winhill. Maybe he was her father, but for the love affair in FFVIII it was important, that he would not be (or maybe the Laguna-Squall-theory was regarded to be more interesting^^).
Furthermore it would have been more understandable, if the hunt for sorceresses in Esthar (where Adell’s successor should be found) would have been for real sorceresses and not for pseudos like Ellione.
This theory finally reaches the realm of speculation. Nevertheless a very interesting aspect, especially from the view of "Aomes Trinanirea�.


This original-concept-theory is not that important for the message of FFVIII, yet it is an interesting attempt to reconstruct the original concept of Sakaguchi and his colleagues. It is an attempt and will always remain an attempt, which is on top of that limited to the beginning of the game.
Nevertheless one aspect appears even more clearly: The importance of Rinoa’s role can be seen by the theories woven around her.

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